Audition Class

Contact us now to reserve your space in the audition class at (818) 790-7924.
Only limited class space available.

Audition class held at California DanceArts
Los Angeles International Ballet Intensive
12:00 Noon on Saturday February 27, 2010.
Youth Ballet Intensive
12:00 Noon on Saturday, March 6, 2010
Alternate audition class for either Intensives
12:00 Noon on Saturday, March 13, 2010

Please RSVP for a place in our class. Space in class is limited.
All those wishing to participate in either Intensive must audition in person or by Photo/ Video. Dancers who have attended our intensive program in the past or are current students at California DanceArts must audition to be considered for the program.

Ladies please wear proper ballet attire, hair up off face, technique slippers.
Bring Pointe shoes (as appropriate). Men please wear clean white shirt, dance pants
or tights, ballet slippers.
$20 Cash audition fee

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